WordPress Site Building

I have been using WordPress platform since 2016. WordPress is an open-source content management software. Because of its popularity, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs looking to utilize the platform for their business. Below is a list of WordPress sites I have worked on.

screen shot of WordPress site for a company named Data Profits

Data Profits

Data Profits needed a mobile-friendly theme for their marketing sit.

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Makeup Artist Erika

Erika is from Memphis, TN and has a great talent for makeup. It was a pleasure setting up her portfolio and seeing all of the cool things she can do. Check her stuff out!

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Daphany’s Free Online Writing Workshop

Daphany is educating the less fortunate by providing free writing workshops. I took delight in helping Daphany with her charity.

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Breaking Waves Studio

Doug is an old-time friend and videographer. I made sure that his cover page was in motion.

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WordPress Theme

I wrote a minimal WordPress theme currently being used by this site.

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