Quickbase File Attachment Downloader

Desktop application for downloading all file attachments from a Quickbase table.

Do you own or manage a Quickbase application? You can talk to your Quickbase solutions provider or customer support, and they may send you a .zip of all your files. However, there is no built-in functionality in Quickbase for exporting all file attachments from a table. 

The purpose of this application is to provide that ability and provide it with ease.

Project Details 

This application is build using the Electron framework and React. The entire project is available on Github. Additionally, you can find pre-packages folders for your machine under the download links below.

Github Project Link:https://github.com/paultrimor/Quickbase-File-Attachment-Exporter
Windows x32 Packaged Executable:https://paultrimor.com/files/quickbase-attachment-downloader-win32-ia32.zip