Personal Finance Tracker

Managing money is an activity that all individuals face. Pecunia is lightweight and easy on the eyes, only focusing on essential activities of personal finance.

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Major Features

  • Record Expenses and Income – Pecunia provides a responsive form for data entry. Enter your receipt or income information, and Pecunia will store your data for later querying. You can also group your data into customizable categories.
  • Track Monthly Budgets – Budgeting is an essential aspect of personal finance. Being able to set a cut spending meaningfully. Pecunia presents your monthly budget in real-time. See your money supply throughout the month and see whether you have met your goals for previous months. 
  • See Reports and Visualize Trends – Once your data is collected, Pecunia provides a couple of charts to visualize your finance lump sums and spending habits. Spot trends in your average expenditure and know which category you are spending most. 
  • Weekly Monthly Budget Notifications – Often we forget about our financial budget. Pecunia has a weekly notification to the email you every week to keep you updated on your set money supply. You can set this notification to be delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Author’s Note

I wrote Pecunia during college as a programming learning opportunity. Although customer success is my top priority, I am also using this product as a secondary means for my business education. I find that continuously developing this product and putting it out on the market is a good way to exercise my marketing, sales, and customer support skills. In other words, by investing in this product you are also investing in me 🙂